Sweatshirts Bringing A Splash Of Style To Your Work Wardrobe

They're comfortable and surprisingly a fashion statement.

The Monday woes can be treacherous when you have absolutely no clue what to wear. Going from loungewear during the week back to office attire can be rather depressing. Your wardrobe speaks for itself, so let your wardrobe do the talking and bring a bit of life to the office.

If you stayed on a couch all weekend snuggled up in a sweatshirt, who's to say you can't incorporate that piece into your wardrobe come Monday? It may sound too casual, but trust me when I say that it can be done. Who knew a sweatshirt could be chic and stylish, keep scrolling to see how it's done.

Would you wear a sweatshirt on the job?

Comment with your chic sweatshirt office look below.

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