CrayZ Part 3



The Prank: No Underwear

Lavish was in the kitchen looking for something to eat when Lea and Jungkook came in. ViVi, Kit Kat, Luna, and Nabi was in the living room. Lavish walked in the living room to join the others. Everyone knew about the prank and they were trying to be quiet about it. Lavish began stuffing her face with chips to keep herself from laughing. Jungkook sat down with the others as Lea went into her room. She wanted to put on some fresh clothes before her and Jungkook went out for their dinner date. He already changed clothes. She knew she needed to change too since they were at the park walking and playing basketball all afternoon. She was tired, but her honey wanted to see a movie and grab some food. Lea quickly grabbed her favorite shower gel to take a quick shower before she dressed. It was laundry day so she knew she had to have some fresh clothes since she snooked her clothes in all of the other girls' laundry piles. "Suckers." She giggled as she quickly washed. Lea was finished and walked into her room. She looked in her underwear drawer and nothing was there. She looked in her drawers below and her closet and nothing was there. She panicked and ran into the living room. "We have been robbed! Call the police." Lea yelled. "Impossible Lea we all have been here all day cleaning while you were out with Jungkook" ViVi says in a calm tone. "No, I know we have been robbed by some perv. I don't have any clothes. Even my panties are gone!" "You are naked under that robe?" Jungkook says while crossing his legs and turning red. Luna laughed...."Are you curious to know Jungkook? Show us a bit Lea. Twerk for ya man!" "I wouldn't mind." Jungkook whispered. Everyone laughed. " These is serious. Why is everyone laughing?" Lea says while throwing her hands up. "Jungkook?" "Oh baby you don't need to worry about wearing panties. I mean no borrow my clothes." Jungkook says with a red face while attempting to peal off his clothes. "No!! Keep those on!" ViVi and Nabi yell while laughing. Lea sat down next to Jungkook. She was sad. Jungkook gave her a hug while not trying to think he she was naked under her robe. Suddenly, Lea saw something that looked like some of her shirts in between the cushions. She walked over to Kit Kat and pulled out some of her clothes. " What the heck!" Lea yelled. She looked around and see her underwear under the couch. "What on earth ppl?" Everyone began laughing. " Got ya! Maybe you should learn to wash ya own crap. We are all tired of your tricks!" Kit Kat yelled. "Boom in ya face!" ViVi yells while dancing all over the place. "Okay I get it. Yall caught me, but this was too much. Now I don't have any clean clothes to wear out tonight." Luna came out with a small clean load. "Even though I supported the idea of teaching you a lesson. I felt bad, so I cleaned you a small load. Jimin told me that you and Jungkook were going out tonight." Lea gave Luna a huge hug. "Thanks Luna you are a life saver! You are not so stuck up after all!" "Imma just ignore the last part and you welcome." Luna said "Ah you traitor!" Lavish, Nabi, ViVi, and Kit Kat yell at Luna while throwing pillows at her.


Dance Practice

"Okay 1 2 and 3" Luna says while counting as the girls practice for their choreography for their new music video She Wolf. "OMG Kit Kat this is a simple eight count. C'mon even Lea can do it!" "Give me a break there is nothing simple about an eight count!" Kit Kat says while trying to keep her balance. "Let me help you girl." Nabi says. Nabi dances and then has Kit Kat copy her. "If you think about it to hard it won't come out well. Just relax." Nabi says. Finally Kit Kat was able to get the steps. "Maybe you should be in charge of this session." Kit Kat says while eyeing Luna. Luna rolls her eyes. The girls continue to practice for about 20 minutes. "I gotta pee!" Lea yells. "ME too!" Lavish says. "Let's take a break for 15 minutes ladies. We could use it. Luna is killing us." ViVi says. Luna picks up her phone to pass the time. Luna was cracking up inside at Jimin.


Heated Text Messages

Lavish grabbed Luna's phone. "Hahaha what you doing searching how not to be mean?" "Shut up and give that back stanky!" Luna yells while chasing Lavish around the practice room. She throws it to Kit Kat who runs around the room with the phone. "Let's see what Jimin texted you today. Kit Kat looks down and read the text message.

"Ah my eyes! yall nasty!" Kit Kat yells while throwing Luna's phone back at her. Luna grins. "No one asked you to read it. That's what you get. Let me look at ya phone." Luna quickly grabs Kit Kat's phone.

"When did this happen? Why didn't you tell us?" Luna says. "Tell us what?" Nabi says. "Lil miss thang is now Jin's girl. He finally asked her." Luna says while handing Kit Kat her phone. "Damn, it's about time girl." Nabi says. "Congrats chica!" Luna says. ViVi walks in. "Anyone seen Lea?" "Nope I thought she got water with you." Lavish said. "No, I'm worried." ViVi says "Maybe she had to poo." Nabi laughs. "No she is not in the bathroom. Let's wait for about 2 more minutes." ViVi says.




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