⚠My Divine Beauties...😍👀💓💭🎤⚠

⚠ caution ⚠: If you can't handle it look away!!! In all honesty they are irresponsible, makes me wanna cry how adorable and sexy they are at the same time...❤


My excitement can't be shut down. I am obsessed with kpop now.... I may sound crazy but it's true once you start kpoping you won't stop. Kpop is life and I am forever a fan.

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Hello, fellow vinglers!! I'm 19 years ago and I love kpop possibly to point of marrying kpop.👰💍💒💐 My korean name would be 메르세데스 셰로드 and in korean I would 20 by now.....👀💝👑🎓
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The Communities are great you rarely see anyone get in to an argument :)
Love Love LOVE