How To Workout Through Soreness

This morning I woke up before dawn, pissed as hell that I woke up before my 6AM wake up call. I got out of bed, and stood up, almost tipping over like a cow. My entire body is sore and I am still sort of drained. For a few seconds, I thought about crawling back into bed until I have to head out for work.

But I told myself to put on my gym clothes, and walk like a proud duck to the gym. I cranked up the volume to my music, and some caffeine to hold me over.

Every step to the gym was excruciating. But I decided that wouldn't stop me from getting a proper workout in. I focused on triceps, biceps, chest, and shoulders today.

But shit -- I'm still sore. Here's some tips on working out through the pain...

1) Work A Different Body Area

If you're like me, and you're quads are in so much pain, you can hardly walk -- work out a different area. Focus on upper body instead.

2) Go Light

It will be prove very difficult to lift heavier weights when you're sore as hell. Go for a weight that usually allows you to lift between 10-15 reps comfortably. Maxing out for the heaviest weight will probably be more difficult than usual.

3) Stretching Helps With The Stiffness

When you're sore, you may also experience stiffness. Stretch to get the blood flowing and to make it easier to move. The stretching ease up the tightness and lessen the pain.

4) Massages

Just like stretching, massages help with blood flow and eases up the tightness. If you're unable to get a massage, foam rolling is a great alternative.

Do you have any other ways that help you workout through soreness/DOMS?

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