Joonie...Ugly? WTF

How on God's green Earth is this ray of sunshine ugly?! EXPRESS THAT SHIT TO ME PLEASE AND THANK YOU!

Still waiting on an answer...I'm gonna write the fucking Twilight series bitch...

Alright, we went through this shit with Hobie. Okay first of fucking all, you (those who are calling him ugly) have no room to call him ugly. He is prettier and hotter than half of you bitches. Shit I'm even jealous of him! It's not just even looks, it's his personality also. His personality makes him even more cute. CLEARLY YOU ARENT A TRUE FAN BECAUSE IF YOU WERE YOU WOULD LOVE ALL OF THEM, CARE FOR ALL OF THEM AND AT SOME POINT HOP IN THEIR LANE. YOU ARE THE MAIN ONE SAYING 'Oh it's rude to call someone ugly, everyone is beautiful' WELL BITCH WTF! YOU CAN SKIP YO DUMB DUMB BUBBLE GUM LOOKIN ASS TO THE WIZARD OF OZ AND CHOKE ON A FUCKIN DICK! THAT IS RUDE DONT YOU DARE CALL ANYONE UGLY WHEN YOU ARENT LOOKING ANY BETTER SWEETHEART! AND IF YOU COME AT MY ASS YOUR FEELINGS WILL BE HURT!

ARMY life chose me...
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