We Really Need To Start Believing We Are Beautiful.

Imagine your reaction when someone points a camera at your face. You watch as the flash goes off. You panic, you duck your head, throw a hand up, and delete it after you see it.

We walk around blind, unable to see our own beauty and even worse, unable to believe it when others call us beautiful.

We feel awkward, we look away, we cover our face because we are afraid if anyone looks too close they will realize they were wrong, our flaws shinning though even the most artfully applied make up.

made it her mission to capture just how beautiful people are...the second they are told they are beautiful.

I don't know about you but this video had me smiling the entire time.

And it also made me wonder why we don't tell each other every day that we are beautiful. Or even more importantly, why we can't tell the mirror that.

So please don't ever forget, You Are Absolutely Beautiful.

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