Ideation: Floral Heads Only're on a restricted budget and need flowers, right?! Well, here's an inventive idea that would make your guests swoon: floral heads only. stems. No vases. None of that. Just the heads of beautiful florals that have been cut away from the stem completely and adorned flatly, on a surface, such as Italian marble, Bahamian coral, rustic wood, polished pewter...the list goes on!

Max out your floral budget, getting the most sumptuous florals, greens, buds, berries, vines (and whatnot), and don't worry about water, foam, floral frogs, tape, wire, and getting the centerpieces to look PERFECT!

In a previous card I shared this image. It's ALMOST the same thing, but here there are elements (not vases), that bring a vibrance and energy to the floral vignette. It looks very purposeful, beautiful and planned. If it's done artistically, then you've totally got this down. If you simply drop them in a sad mound, it's going to look HORRENDOUS, which you definitely want to avoid.

Have thoughts or questions about this concept of floral heads only? Feel free to ask or comment below. Also, you can send messages to me that I will answer too.

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