Spoiler for episode 11 (Queen In Hyun's Man)

After Boong Do regained all his memories, he rushes to the modern world knowing he was late for his promise date to Hee Jin. But he was surprise to find out that no one knew him, and that as if, he really never existed in the that world. Hee Jin was disturbed about the recent calls she's receiving and it all those calls came from a telephone booth. So she suspects it and rushes to the possible place she believes Boong Do is and there, Kim Boong Do appeared before her eyes. Hee Jin confirms to herself that everything about Boong Do was real and not just a dream. And she feels relieved that her memories with him are not just a mere imagination from her dream but that everything was so all true. On the other hand, Boong Do feels sorry towards Hee Jin for everything that happened to her, and that the world turns upside down to her after he loss the talisman. And because of that, he confess to her that he refuse to let her go, making Hee Jin's heart flutter. Meanwhile, Dong Min finds out that a man is following Hee Jin around and is staying at her place. But what makes him furious is the guys name is Kim Boong Do, same name of the mystery man from Hee Jin's dream. cr: franceleeable.blogspot.com

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