[Jang Ok Jung living by love] LIVE RECAP EP 2

This is a live recap for JOJ. It airs every Monday&Tuesday on SBS, EXACTLY 10:00~11:00. This is live recap for JOJ. ^.^ Characters Kim Tae hee was casted in Jang Ok Jung. (OJ) Yoo Ah in was casted in Lee Soon.(LS) Hong Soo Hyun was casted in Queen, In Hyun.(IH) Jae hee was casted in Hyun Chi Soo.(CS) Lee Sang Yeop was casted in Lee Hang who is a cousin of Lee soon.(SY) Han Seung Yeon was casted in Choi musuri, the king's concubine.(CM) Until this ep, i will introduce the characters because you can misunderstand who i'm saying ^.^ In last ep, OJ shows her talent about designing traditional clothes but she is slave..In joeseon society, once you are low of birth, you have to live with humble station in life. Though severe discrimination in caste system, she tries to overcome this society. However in the past, her cousin who has upper status than her but still just commoner lost his daughter because of these system so he wants to change this world with OJ. Maybe today it airs about OJ's childhood. ^.^ Let's see what happens today In the traditional palace, LS (wearing purple clothes) is revealed when he smokes to SY. LS wonders how to act to be a strong man! .. (Did you see it? SY teaches so strange things like spitting.) The king calls for his son, LS. Min daegam who is a yangban in joseon society. (Yangban means umm...how can i explain it.. it is upper level, is familiar with nobleman. but exactly in this drama he is greedy) OJ is hanging around the house. The lady of the house wants OJ to learn the design of clothes but JH, her cousin wants to bring her back to his house. At that time OJ comes out and she says to him that she wanna have a suit made. Before going out, the lady mentions someone who has something with JH. Actually someone is a brother of her. (We don't know exactly what happened in the past between her brother and JH) In the clothing academy, OJ shows her talents to these students. Her teacher feels really proud of her. However one student reads the little erotic book, OJ overlooks this but she watches the shape of wearing clothes through the book. When she finds another book, she faces with LS. LS and OJ run away from robbers. In the street, two groups are fighting each other oh really messy. As the crown prince, he tries to stop this by turning over the basket. In the middle of the street, JH who gains commercial supremacy runs into Min yangban. Even though JH is really rich, his status is just commoner. Compared to Min dagam, he has to lower his head. To show his power in front of people, MIn dagam order him to burn his carriage that is usually taken by yangban. LS reminds her everytime....he always think about her. One student tears the clothes to pieces because of jealousy. CS put the medicine to OJ's leg. At that time other students talks about him behind. He is adopted son ....when he seemed like a bagger, teacher brought him in the house and decided to adopt him. To keep the promise with her, LS goes out the palace pretening SY as a king. He returns the book back to her. Under the tree, LS wants her to be his wife so he makes a promise that meet here at the same time after 4 days because after 4 days there is important meeting for me. As soon after my conference, i will come here surely! In front of the door, they still have a meeting but because of bad condition of his father, the king, he comes in the room. However it is the thing that invades the servants' power. So the day when installing him as a crown prince, the servants desperately oppose it... (He still thinks that all the power has to come from the king ) But the king's power is really weak these days...so he apologize in front of them... his servants. He wants to be a king accepted by the public, not yangban. At that time, OJ is still waiting for him but nobody comes there. She wants to put on the clothes that if she washes it completely, it can change her even her status. She believed that he brings this clothes to her...but he doesn't...or can't.... Anyway the teacher comforts her ..to avoid this situation, you have to be armed...exactly money To prepare her market, JH has a plot to set down her market. Actually it is burning the clothing....JH ...REALLY BAD.. (Are you sure it is right way to win this game? It can make people dead !) (OJ is in there....One student just plays a trick because of jealousy....) To save her, her teacher comes in even though fightflare.. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finish. There are two things in the world that you can't deal with. First thing is people's mind Second thing is the destiny related love. Um..... i see.... What do you think if you were born in Joseon society, what kind of people you want to be birth? People like OJ who is of low birth but have a lot of talents and be loved from many men, OR People like IH who is of noble birth but the person they love don't like them... Which is better? In my case,,,i think I WILL CHOOSE IH. Because I know the end of Jang hee bean...

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