5 Dating Tips For Snagging A Latina

We've moved into a time where interracial or intercultural dating is super common, and it's celebrated with love. As a product of interracial romance, I feel a zing of happiness when I see two people who seem to have so many differences, actually have so many similarities. If you're looking to date a Latina, here's some things you should really keep in mind...

1) We're Just Like Any Other Woman

Maybe we have a little spice in us, but at the end of of it all, we're still women. We have different interests, likes, hobbies, careers, preferences, and lifestyles. With all the Latina stereotypes, it's so easy to think Latina women are like an all size fits all outfit. Expect to meet so many different kinds of Latina women!

2) We're Not Fetishes

Going into a date with a Latina woman and you've already got a play-by-play of what you think might happen, based on 2-minute wack porn video you watched prior to the date? You might want to dunk your head into a bucked of ice water. And keep it there. I remember I once went on a first date, and the 'gentleman' went out of line and started asking really uncomfortable sexual questions. I can imagine these questions we're based on the Latina porn he had watched. "Is it true that Latina girls do __________ and they are easy? Blah blah blah?"

He didn't get a second date. Keep it classy, gentlemen.

3) A Lot Of Us Are Family Oriented

If your'e thinking about dating a Latina, remember that you'll essentially be dating her entire family. Family is extremely important for many of us. And sometimes, when there's a decision as to whether we should protect our family, or a boyfriend, it will probably be the former. The good part to all of this is that if you're liked by the family, you've got yourself into a really awesome situation. Welcome to the family!

4) Calling Us "Mami" Is Kinda Weird

And you should probably refrain from using that word with us. There are just some people who are allowed to say it, and some who aren't. I am not quite sure what it is, but it's slightly uncomfortable when someone who isn't Hispanic (or someone who is a stranger), uses the word "mami" to address a Latin woman.

5) Learning About the Culture Will Gain You Major Points

If you are fluent in Spanish, can rock the dance floor with salsa, and make bangin' tamales, chances are that you're already walking through that front door. Culture is huge part of us. And although you're not expected to be an expert on the Latino culture, it's definitely sweet when you learn or you are enthusiastic about learning about the culture.


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