Werkout of the Day: Booty Call

DO WERK, GIRL! ;) If you want a workout to get your heart pumpin' and your booty burnin', this is the one for you!

It's a nice mix of cardio and anaerobic, which means it'll help get your breathing in shape while also burning fat and building muscle.

See the images below to learn how to do each of these moves!

Credit to Lucille Roberts for the workout :)



Try keeping things continuous by doing squat pulses, shown above.


Plié Squat

Also known as a sumo squat, this works your inner thighs – big time. Make sure to squeeze those buns at the top of your squat!


Donkey Kicks

Keep your leg off the floor the entire time – and squeeze that booty!


Split Jumps

Alternate legs. Use your arms as leverage! And make sure your knees never extend past your toes.


Reverse Lunges

Aren't these cool?! You can alternate legs or not, according to preference.

Wall Sit

Finish things off with a wall sit!

Great job!

You've completed one round! If you're a beginner, stop there. And if you've still got a little energy left in you, go ahead and do another one!

Feel the burn ;)

Think positive, love food, be happy :)
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