Check Out This Death Star Replica Equipped w/ an Actual Laser

Patrick Priebe has made the coolest (and probably scariest) Death Star replicas to date. He's used a lot of science and a little bit of handiness to make his replica come to life. He's detailed his build in a YouTube video and while I sort of just skipped through it to see all the melty bits, I'm sure it's an interesting watch for anyone who wants to build their own.

I know I said earlier that he only used a "little bit" of handiness but it's obvious that I was wrong after checking out some more of the video above. There's a lot that went into it, a lot of stuff I don't really understand but it's still cool to check out.

I don't think any of us (and by us I mean normal people who don't have access to lasers) can build this thing on our own. And why would you want to? Sure, it'd be a nice addition to the collection of Star Wars collectibles you have but when would you ever get practical use out of it?

Well, maybe if you're a crazy person you'd use it all the time. Or maybe if you're a tiny Darth Vader that wants to blow up a tiny Alderaan, you use this thing. But other than that, I don't see why you'd need this on your desk, Fred.

Unless you (yes, you Fred) are a tiny Darth Vader that does want to to blow up a tiny Alderaan. And if that's the case then I have some bad news for you. I'm letting you know now that there's probably a tiny Luke Skywalker somewhere who's going to destroy your Death Star. And that tiny Luke Skywalker is me.

That's right, I'll take you apart, man. Twice. I don't care how many guinea pigs in construction hats you have, I'm still going to blow that tiny Death Star into little pieces of rubber beach ball, aluminum, and fiberglass. I've got an army of Rebel forces dedicated to taking you out, so you better get yourself ready, Fred.

Little Darth Fred Vader, I'm coming for you.

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