Mod Lets Players Experience Mario Kart in Grand Theft Auto V

One of the things I'm completely jealous about when it comes to gaming on console instead of PC is the mod community. Sometimes, mods can be completely outrageous and out of this world and other times -- most times -- they turn out to be something completely awesome.

And that's definitely the case for MrVicho13 and his mod that puts Mario Kart 8's N64 Yoshi Valley course into Grand Theft Auto V. It's one of the coolest things I've seen in a while, mostly because the entire track is recreated and the textures on the course look amazing.

After watching the video, it felt like this was something that's included in the game already. The way everything looks graphically blows my mind and I can't believe that MrVicho13 ended up making this whole thing on his own.

Well, sort of on his own anyway, the textures from the Mario Kart 8 track were ripped and uploaded by someone else while MrVicho13 converted and made them pretty for GTA V's PC version.

I know that one-line description sounds like, "Oh, he only did that, that's great!" but when I try and think about all the work that's gone into making this mod a reality, my brain starts to hurt a little bit. I mean, how does one convert textures anyway? How does one put that into a TOTALLY DIFFERENT GAME. DAD WHY HAVEN'T YOU TAUGHT ME ANY OF THE THINGS THAT WILL MAKE ME COOL?

Sure, you taught me how to throw a punch, change a tire, and maybe if it comes down to it, deliver a baby. BUT I WANT TO KNOW HOW TO MOD, DAD, WHAT THE FUCK.

i did all that i could.
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