What's Going On At This NBA Game?

Hello, Funny Community! It's about that time for our weekly Funny Caption Contest! Last week's winner was@Jinki5. This time, will it be YOU?

This week's challenge is dedicated to@mchlyang, the moderator of the Sports Community and one of the coolest peeps on Vingle. (So if you see him floating around on here, go say hi. Don't ask questions. Just do it, you guys.)

Can you figure out a funny caption for the photo posted above? Why's that shooting guard getting a nose full of the opposing teammate? What's that guy in the back thinking? Or maybe the announcers?

The Rules:

1) You can comment with as many caption ideas as you'd like.

2) 'Like' the captions you find the funniest.

3) Voting ends at Friday, Midnight EST.

4) The winner's entry becomes the Funny Community's featured card of the week!

Now, let's get this started!


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