my kpop fan fic: my life's story....

My name is Monalisa ,yes like the mblaq song and yes Lee seungri did reference me in "let's talk about love"....that's another story but this.... This is the #1 in the world! how can that be !? what makes me say so!? this is the show that gets down and dirty, leaves no stone unturned ! this is up close and personal and you are gonna get all up in my life! welcome to UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL!!!!!. "how was that"? "my name is Casey and that was great! How are you today?" "I'm great actually how are you?" "I'm great as well, why don't you just talk about your child hood to start off. " "oohhh straight into it I like that. ..." "well I was born in Vegas and moved all over the world my mom passed when I was young and my dad followed suit not long after. umm my manager jack is the only family I've ever really known and I've been in the music industry since I was five, and I'm front man for the rock band beautiful fiction. I think that covers my child hood " " that's a good summary, so how old are you now?" "I'm 23" "did you stop making music? we haven't herd from you in what feels like forever ." "ummmm. that's a good question I'll let you know when I know. " "do you live in America at the moment? " "no, I live in Seoul" . "How does a rock star such as yourself disappear and wind up in seoul?" "it just happened that way I needed a vacation, I was going through some stuff and I landed in what is now my home of south Korea. " "ok fair enough, so there's rumors flying around that you have secrets you don't want to see the light of day, deep dark secrets. " "secrets? " "skeletons if you will." "nope I'm not hiding anything Casey, me I'm an open book, I don't have any secrets. " "none? no Skeltons?" "Nope, more like bodies and they're alive and well" "Casey why don't you ask what you're trying to imply so I know which body you're talking about ." "Ok Mona I'll say it. ...word is that you walked away from music, and decided to hide out in Korea because of what you were going through before your" vacation"." "is that what you herd? only the first part of that is true Casey, the rest is just hear say." "hear say Mona?, I don't follow". "Yea hear say, a lie , fiction. " "so you did walk away from music because of your problem!" "no it was not a problem, it was a loss- a huge loss I lost a part of me I lost my dear best friend and I couldn't handle it. I hit rock bottom, I landed face first into a rough patch. I needed to pull my self together so I went to Korea, because that is where her family was from and part of mine was from, I figured it would be refreshing , a nice way to start over. I was gonna come back when I was ready." "you got better it looks like you picked yourself up." "yes I did. ....I had help fro-" "then why not come back 3 years is long enough?" "because I. ....." TO BE CONTINUED. ......


me obsessed with kpop? you guessed it, but I wouldn't say obsessed I'd say addicted to....
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