My Vingle Christmas Cards


The first of many, since there are so many people I want to send holiday wishes to! (It's an embarrassment of riches up in here). I actually reached the limit on the number of blocks you're allowed to have per card! So here are just a few cards for the community, with more to come ^_^ Happy Holidays Vinglers!

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It's always a pleasure talking to you! I'm so glad you're as enthusiastic about Jessica Jones and Luke Cage as I am ^_^


You're an incredibly wise, compassionate person and I'm so glad I met you here!


You're a laugh and a half! You and your hubby are two of my favorite people ;) you'll always be my Robin.


You're always a joy to talk to. I hope that you get everything you're wishing for this year.


You're so thoughtful and intelligent, I always feel like I walk away wiser whenever I talk to you.


You're incredibly sweet and supportive. I'm always glad when I see a notification from one of your comments since you never fail to make me smile!


You're a totally awesome person! Every day you make me laugh, and the community is so much more fun with you in it.


Your comments on my Black Widow fic keep me going! It's going to be an epic, I promise ^_^


You make my day, every single day. I'm so lucky to know you.


You're one of the first people I met on Vingle and even though I'm totally bananas you're still my friend <3 you like me for me and that's so valuable to me.


I'm so glad I get to geek out about comics with you every day. None of my IRL friends love this stuff like you do!


You're always so much fun and down to geek out about anything! I'm so grateful.


My friend, you are so weird and I absolutely adore it.


Shout out to my fellow introvert geek! You're super nice :D


I know we met pretty recently but I'm having so much fun getting to know you! I hope your holidays are awesome this year!


Your username is totally appropriate because you always make people happy! I hope the holidays treat you right in return.


Ms. Loki I FINALLY SPELLED YOUR USERNAME RIGHT ON THE FIRST TRY WITHOUT LOOKING. I assume it's because tricksters don't give away their real names because that would give people power over them... or is that fairies?


One last welcome for the road? Here you go: WELCOME FRIEND I AM GLAD YOU ARE HERE.


You're so much fun to talk to, I'm very glad you're here!

Aaaaand that's all the space I have! I promise more Holiday cards are coming soon! In the meantime exchange some of your own so nobody is stuck feeling left out!

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