Elmer's Glue Made Me A Nail Genius

These two nail tricks involving Elmer's School Glue might just change the way you do your nails – forever. For those of us with unsteady hands or a penchant for glitter, these are pure godsends.

I was astounded when I found them – why did no one ever tell me to do this before?!?

The first trick – remove glitter polish easily (because we all know what a hard time that usually is) by first painting your nail with a little Elmer's glue. When you're ready to remove, the glitter peels right off!

And secondly, use a small paintbrush to cover your cuticles in Elmer's glue so that when you're done painting your nails, you can just peel the mess right off!

I'm a total klutz with nail polish, so I'm definitely giving this one a try. :)

Try to do a little less glue than the lady did in the picture – stick to the skin parts around your nail, like in the top photo.

Good luck, ladies! :) Tell me if these tricks work for you!!

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