New Talent/New Life (A K-Pop Fanfic) Ch. 2

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Ch. 2 It was the morning of our audition with BigHit and we were all really nervous. "What if they don't like us." stressed Susana. "Then we say thank you for your time and move on to the next audition." answered Samantha. "But I hope they do like us and we get signed because i really want to meet J-Hope." Samantha added with a smile. We were all still grinning like fools when Christina walked in, "So are my girls ready for their big day?? Are you all well rested??" "Yeah we're all good. Just a little nervous." I answered. "My girls are nervous? Non-sense. You guys will kill this audition. Think about nothing else except going out there and having a good time." she said with a smile. "Christina, if we get signed...." Marisol started to say but Christina cut her off. "It's 'when you get signed' not 'if''. I have faith in ya. Never forget that." "OK OK. When we get signed and we have to relocate to Korea, will you still be our manager?" asked Marisol. A brief look of worry passed over Christina's face but she quickly smiled and said reassuringly. "You just try to leave without me!" We all laugh softly. "Well I'll let you guys finish preparing. Remember to do your best and don't stress out. I'll see you guys after." Christina walks out and heads to the room we reserved for the audition to make sure everything is ready but as she enters, she notices that there are people waiting inside. "I'm sorry but this room is reserved for a private audition today." A lady walks up to her. "Are you Ms. Christina?" she asks. "Yes I am." The lady smiles, "Wonderful. I'm Sue-young Chen, head talent coordinator at BigHit Entertainment and this is Mr. Si-Hyuk Bang who is the president of the company. The other gentalmen you see are the members of BTS. Mr. Bang insisted they attend the audition to get their opinion since the young ladies will be a female version of their group and they will be work along side them." "Oh I see well it is a pleasure to meet all of you. I apologize but my girls are not quite ready since you are ahead of schedule but if you will give me some time, I'm sure I can rush them....." "No there is no need for that. I will see the ladies when they are ready." replied Mr. Bang. 30 minutes later we all head into the room and take our positions.

The guys sit in the back so we wouldn't see them. "They are all so cute." whispered Namjoon to Jin. We started off with an English song that was a little sexy. All the guys stared as we did the dance. Hoseok's jaw dropped to the floor when he saw Samantha do a high kick and land in a split. "Wow....." "Well it looks like Hobi-hyung is in love." teased Jungkook. We finished the first song and moved into a more upbeat dance song. Mr. Bang was impressed with our dance moves but more impressed with our voices and how well they blended together. "Ms. Christina I want these girls as part of the BigHit Family." he whispered to her. "Oh I'm very happy to hear that. The girls will be very happy as well." We end the audition with a Korean song to everyones surprise. "Well that was very impressive!" said Mr. Bang when we finished. "I almost regret telling the other lables about you ladies. What is your opinion guys?" he asks as he turns to BTS as they stand and walk towards us. "Yes it was impressive." answered Namjoon. We all stood there speechless. "How about we all go grab a bite to eat and discuss what we at BigHit can offer you young ladies" said Mr. Bang. Everyone leaves except us and the guys since we all had been staring at eachother with out saying a word. "I'm pretty sure you know who we are. Can you tell us your names?" asked Namjoon. "Well I'm Gloria but everyone calls me Glo. I'm the leader of R.B.D. On my right is Anna, Samantha, and Marisol. On my left is Kiara, Susana and Cari." "You guys are amazing." says Jimin as he smiles at Anna. I look over at her and I can tell she is fighting the urge to fangirl over him. I also noticed how Taehyung kept stealing glances at Susana. My eyes suddenly found Jin's which caused me to blush a little. He smiled at me and that just made me blush even more. "We......we should go change. Come on girls." I stammer as I turn and head for the door. I held onto Marisol's hand as if it was the only thing keeping me from running back to Jin. I still felt his eyes on me while I walked away and when I glanced over my shoulder at him, I was right.

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