Fab Friday Find: Untamed Petals

If you're a huge fan of CW's hit show, Reign, then you're going to love these stunning headbands from the Gilded Collection, which is a dazzling collaboration between Untamed Petals' Amanda Judge and costume designer, Meredith Markworth-Pollack.

Each piece is handmade and is sold in over 100 stores and boutiques, including Anthropologie and Nordstrom. The company specializes in all things bridal-accessory without the million-dollar price tags. You're getting beauty, quality and affordability. Exactly what EVERY BRIDE is looking for!

#011 Starburst Pearl by Amanda Judge - Untamed Petals

5 “Gilded” vintage style starbursts with a pearl center on a hard headband. Copper like finish.


#001 Gilded Rosette by Amanda Judge - Untamed Petals

5 “Gilded” rosettes with crystal detail on a hard headband. Copper like finish.



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