Note to Self: Don't Mess with Trashcan Carla

If you played some of Fallout 4, you probably ran into Trashcan Carla. You know Carla, right? She's the one who travels with that brahmin, chain smokes cigarettes, and snaps necks. Wait what? You didn't know she was a tough one? Well, she is.

Sit down, let me pour you a drink. This one time, I was sitting with this wastelander at the bar, you know just drinking 200 year old scotch and shooting the shit. And he told me, he leans over to me, you know? Like this. And he says he was building something out by Red Rocket -- you know that rundown gas station? -- and he heard shots firing and Carla's voice.

And you know, he wanted to run to her aid because he's a "shitty man that thinks everyone needs a man to save them" -- those were his words, not mine -- and just watched her disarm, throw, and snap this guys neck. I swear, I'm serious.

Here check out this holotape. Yeah, he got the whole thing recorded with his Vault-Man Pip-Boy or whatever the hell it's called. Isn't that insane? She just walks up to this waste of space, throws him over her shoulder, and snaps his neck.

I always knew Carla was a little rough around the edges but this, I never expected this. Hey, I don't think she's crazy or anything like that. I mean, you have to know how to protect yourself when you're out there wandering the Commonwealth, you know what I'm saying? I just didn't know she defended herself with her barehands.

That's kind of unheard of these days. With all of you Pip-Boy wearing asshats walking around here like you own the place in your Power Armor and the raiders with their guns made out of pipes, you just expect most fights to occur from across a field or something, you know? Anyway, don't tell Carla I told you about her. I don't need any unwanted drama. Thanks.

i did all that i could.
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