School Live! (GAKKOU GURASHI!) after thoughts


There's no real spoilers here. When first watching School Live I thought to myself, 'Well here we go again with another slice of life, happy go lucky show, with kawai high school girls...' I was mistaken, badly.... Like, slap me around town...WRONG! I thought this was another Lucky Star, Watamote type story. Not giving clues away, you can NEVER judge anything by the looks of it. I enjoy picking random shows and browsing the popular anime, and wondered, why was this show on there? It seemed normal, but after watching it non stop, mind you, I'm at work while doing this... Shhhh... it's a short anime ^_^. I was hooked... School Live art style is beautiful with tons of light and dark colors almost like Clannad, yet when in its moments the anime shows its true colors which can tingle the skin a bit. I got attached to the characters and felt thier happiness and sorrow almost as if I was there with them. If you have time, which I believe many of you do ;D share your happiness with these girls and join them in a short adventure around thier badass school.

If you've seen it already, that was one heck of a first episode!!!! (>x_X)> (oX_x)o

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