OMG posting my last card made me realize...

Kpop, Kdramas and pretty much South Korea itself has upped my standards in men... I didnt realize this until I posted that last card on Alien Tae...

On another note I ended up scolding the owner of this video due to the haphazard remark she made 1:48-1:54... I am a Shawol & ARMY so you all know that what I said wasnt me trying to be mean... Do you guys think I was too harsh???

Another thing I realized was that it says non kpop fans reactions but yet that one girl specifically named Baekhyun when V came up, I am a kpop fan and can not recognize him off bat, but then again I am still only on my 3rd kpop band...

I do however love their reactions to the boys pulling their shirts up and then to their pelvic rolls... Classic...

The owner talks about Taehyung, Baekhyun and Daehyun... Thought it was funny...

And now for tagging my usual peeps...




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