Grave of the Fireflies after thoughts


Another Studio Ghibli down the drain, a bit late if you ask me, almost 28 years to be exact. Yet, the already past Miyazaki had created this work of wonder and I just got to see it. I'm might not be the only one in this catagory of late watchers, but getting the opportunity to let Studio Ghibli glaze my eyes with beautiful surreal animation, and facial expressions beyond any seen in our somewhat peaceful time is beyond comparison. I just can't put my finger on how this old anime can be almost or better than any drawn anime seen today. This creation is based on a true story, it's 1 of the hundreds of story's that had a legitimate diary to back it's story up. Mind you, millions were killed during world war ll. Flames and bombs destroyed many Japanese documents during the ongoing war. Incredible, I can't hold my tears as I write this, these scenes hurt my heart to see what humans can be like, how selfish we are when things are inconvenient for us. This life story will teach you to be a better person even though you might not realize it. If there is a better depiction of love let me know, this story had me on the edge of anger, hate, happiness, and sadness. I think everyone in the world should see this movie, it'll change your mind about life, as it has already mine.

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