"Reply 1997" (K-Drama Review)




First thing I have to talk about with this show, was the goat sound that played at funny and awkward moments. It was the funniest thing, I loved how funny this show was!

Favorite Character:

Yoon Yoon-Je is so cute, hot, funny and loves Shi-Won even more than Tae-Woong. He's smart and cares for his friends and family. (especially his older brother Tae-Woong because he was willing to give up loving Shi-Won for him)

Least Favorite Character:

Yoon Tae-Woong is super annoying and clingy towards Shi-Won. He loved Shi-Won's sister when she was alive but she died and then falls in love with Shi-Won which bugs me and other people because she feels like a replacement for the dead sister. This challenge seems shady and creepy in my opinion.

These two have the best bromance I've ever seen in a kdrama. Hoya and Seo In Guk! The confession scene made me cry but Hoya still ends up with a happy ending with someone but we don't find out who, sadly.

Sung Shi-Won (Jung Eun-Ji) is so pretty. Her personality is very obsessive over her favorite boy Band named H. O. T. She always hits Yoon-Je but just gets irritated easily and mad. She's also really funny, I love her character.


I thought it was one of the funniest kdramas I've ever watched, it was really cute and kept me curious until the end even though I knew who Shi-Won would end up with but it still made me anxious. The whole show was amazing and perfect, I think it was put together very well.


10/10 - It was amazing and I recommend it to any who enjoys romance!@kpopandkimchi@poojas@sherrysahar@SeoInHan@luna1171@Valerie816@netchtiBates@merryjayne13@humairaa@JamiMilsap@Priscilla@petname83@sosoaloraine23@hyunsaeng638@TLeahEdwards@russelroche47@NickySerban@IMNII@Kamiamon@kskatie82

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