I'm a Manager? ㅇBTS Pathsㅇ Part 2

After grabbing your bags you wonder who will get you. There are no signs anywhere saying your name which is just great. But a few minutes later you spot the same odd man who talked to your family about the manager position. You just can't seem to get his attention but you know what will. You take your arms and you make shipwreck waves having him rush over before you embarrass yourself anymore. You bow and look up to meet his face. "Hi...I had to get your attention," you smirk while watching his reaction. "I'm sorry I couldn't find you from making those arm motions. But I'll drive you to meet the boys," he replies as he grabs your bags. "Sure thanks," you reply back and head out of the airport following the man. During the car ride you're hyped. "Yes. You have been waiting for this moment. I cannot screw this up. I cannot fan girl. I'm a manager. Pssssht. Who am I kidding?! It's BTS." You end up talking to yourself that you don't hear the man telling you what is going to happen. "So Y/N......Ok?" You look up from your thoughts and say "Ok." Moments later you're being introduced to the members as their Manager and as their English teacher. "So as I was discussing on the way here you're going to have to bunk with one of these boys as your roommate. There is two to a room since there's only four rooms." Wait what? This can't be happening. I'm bunking with a guy. No not any guy. I'm bunking with him!? Yesterday you chose paths and so...Below are the revealed answers for your room mate and the Him: 😊








(The Him and He will refer back to your roommate) Few Months Later: The job is exciting and bunking with him wasn't as weird as I thought it would be. You sigh to yourself disappointed, "I guess we'll be stuck at a friendly relationship. But the boys are so funny to hang out with so they make my life super exciting" Although, you've been getting little secret messages from a special someone. You save them in a little jar because they make you laugh and always cheer you up when you're down. It's always placed secretly in your desk which only your roommate knows about. "He couldn't be my secret admirer. But what if it is?" You decide to push back those childish thoughts and act mature but you just can't help but wonder...is it from my roommate? Below are four presents. Choose one and Good luck! (There are no doomed presents)

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I'm a huge Kpop and Kdrama fan...and I'm a bit crazy for Suga I love to meet new people. 🤗 Jayde and Emma 💕 And if you need someone I'm always here to lend an ear. :)
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