love and relationship

this is my first post ever and it's just funny that i ended up here. when all the categories popped up, i was surprised myself that this is the first thing i chose. oh well, i guess all people needs love and relationship. you could say that i'm here to find one, that i'm looking for what they called love, relationship or whatever. but the truth is, i'm just here to understand a little more deeper about it. i'm not new to these kinds of stuff, i'm just here to ask you guys if people like me exist. I loved before, I loved unconditionally and did my best to maintain a good relationship yet why is it that i'm always on the losing side in the end? why does everything about my love and relationship keeps breaking and falling in front of me even i tried so hard to rebuild it over and over? i'm sorry for posting like this, but for those people who had the answer, please lend it to me.

Thinking... thinking.. thinking..
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