If you want to see children’s well-being, travel to those 5 countries ;)

Finland is ranked as a number four in the world for children’s well-being after Netherlands, Norway and Iceland. The new report “Child well-being in the rich countries” by Unicef included 29 developed countries. According to the report, Finland is the only country amongst the 29 nations where relative child poverty rate is less than five per cent. The Unicef press release states, that the child well-being in industrialized world is improving “despite setbacks in some countries on specific indicators.” All the countries were recording reductions in infant mortality, and at the same time the rate of further education enrollment increased. Finland ranked high in children’s material well-being (2nd in the world) and health and safety (3rd in the world). Finland, Iceland and Sweden are amongst countries where infant mortality rates are fewer than 2.5 deaths per 1,000 births. Finland scores highly also in educational well-being placing the country in 4th position. When measuring how well children’s voices are heard in society, Finland is number six compared to other developed nations. — Children's voices, even at a very young age, are vital. They reiterate the message that governments need to guide policies in a way that will safeguard the long-term futures of their children and economies. This has never been more urgent than in today’s climate, said Director of Unicef's Office of Research, Gordon Alexander. Source - Unicef

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