Drawing Things: Kageyama Tobio

Where them Haikyuu!! fans at? I said I would not upload until I finish a couple of drawings so I spend the whole evening trying to finish some drawings. I finished 3, and retouched two so I think I did good. I also said I'd do new filters so here's one (literally) called Random. I didn't mention anything about drawing Kageyama, but hey... I have a lot of unfinished drawings so I didn't remember I had this one. So I was thinking about how to make this more interesting because I post a lot of drawings but I get no interaction from the viewers except for praises. Which, yes, are appreciated, but I'd like to talk to everyone a bit more. maybe I talk too much? •﹏• So here's the thing: I'll sometimes leave you guys with a preview of another unfinished drawing.

guess who? (๑・v・๑) (rhetorical question just this once) First Drawing: Haikyuu!!: Kageyama Tobio Filter: Random Second Drawing: Fairy Tail: Jellal Fernandes Filter: N/A

«[Hiatus]» «[Art: Hiatus]» I breathe Kuroko No Basuke and Jellal Fernandes. Lmao Hiatus is real AF please check out my post about my Instagram.
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