Is it falling out of love? or getting used to the feeling of love?

Have you ever been into a long relationship where you started to wonder if you're falling out of love? When sleeping with that person is all you've been waiting for and now, waking up next to him/her is just a usual thing. All those long calls which you used to talk about everything turned into greetings of "goodnight or goodmorning". The excitement in exchanging sweet messages were gone, not even bothered to see his/her reply after you sent "iloveyou" coz you know the reply is just an "iloveyout0o" The feeling when you're heart beats twice as fast whenever you see that person before, is just a forgotten memory now that you're trying to remember. Yeah! I know, sounds stupid right? but we can't deny the fact that we reached this point in some of our relationship. Then, we wondered if "am I with the right person?" "am I still happy?" "should I keep this relationship going?" and this "am I falling out of love?" When these things start to crawl up in your head, all you need to do is ask someone to punch you right in your goddamn face! That's right! Don't be a jerk and say things like "I don't love you anymore ! goodbye!" You need to think and weigh things first before you decide to have a break up. Coz you might end up just like me. I didn't understand it at first, I just thought that being with her doesn't make me happy anymore. I was pretty sure back then that I fell out of love, I just realized the biggest mistake I made when she's not mine anymore. Coz after she was gone, I was miserable at best. I realized that I didn't fell out of love from her, I was just getting used to the feeling of love to the extent that I took it for granted. Just because she was mine already, I overlooked all the little things that made me happy and the very reason why I wanted her in the first place. I forgot that she was all I ever need when she was with me and the I needed her more when she was gone. Is it really falling out of love? It's like when you tell someone you don't love them anymore, but still hurts you like hell when you lose them. Then how can you tell you fell out of love? If someone out there experienced the same thing, I would be glad if you share it here. If someone out there has an opinion, I would be happy to know about it. This is my second card and I'm very new to this community so if anyone wants to be friends, please add me!

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