Saudi Arabian Election Sends Women to the Polls and into Office

This was the first ever election in Saudi Arabia, women were able to vote in the country.

And as Saudi Arabia opened their elections to women voters and women public officials, we saw some changes...

And what were the impacts of the election?

Well, 17 women were appointed to public office positions. That's 17 more women with a voice in politics. 17 more women advocating for women's needs.

Saudi Arabia is the only country that has laws restricting them to obey a "guardian", usually a father or husband. These guardians can restrict the woman from making important life decisions, such as marrying or taking a trip outside the country.

The Saudi Arabian suffrage movement has been (and can be) incredibly empowering for change in the country.

Because they cannot restrict them from voting!

Saudi woman voter

Next step: allowing Saudi women to drive!

Props again to@misterE for giving me the inspiration to write this card.

What are your thoughts on this?

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