Check Out These Movie Trailers Before You Head To The Theaters

Independence Day: Resurgence

The Aliens are back! You're not going to see Will Smith because apparently he's already dead in this story line. The story is supposedly set 20 years into the future, as humans have taken Alien technology for our own advantage. The humans are joining forces once again to maintain our freedom with the Fourth of July being a worldwide holiday, not just an American one. Will the humans win? Well, the alien ship is bigger this time around.


It's a realistic life story stretched over four generations that tells of a woman who achieves greatness in business through hard work, failure, betrayal, etc. It stresses that the only thing you have is what you make. It gives an inside on love and family and children and its so raw. Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper are back to win the hearts of movie goers.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

In a galaxy far, far away, the storm troopers, alien space battles, and Darth Vader is back! At the speed of light, fans can get their light sabers ready for an epic battle against the Dark Side! No Star Wars story is complete without the Jedi, the force, and some insane outer worldly landscapes. This movie is going to be the perfect refresher for one of the longest standing movie series known to man. All we want to know is at 1:58, is that Luke Skywalker!?

The 5th Wave

It's a scary tale of an alien invasion that is meant to kill off the human race. In Wave 1, the aliens shut off all power grids. In Wave 2, there was an earthquake so powerful that it created tsunamis, broken ground, mudslides, etc. In Wave 3, disease swept across the globe killing millions. In Wave 4, the aliens started to inhabit human hosts becoming unstoppable. We don't even know what Wave 5 will result in. It's a human vs. alien story where we fight for survival. Will the humans win?

The Revenant

Leonardo DiCaprio plays a wilderness explorer in this epic tale. It's a quest for survival in a deadly environment surrounded by constant betrayal. This film is grungy and raw and that's what fans will love about it most. Will DiCaprio's character gain redemption?

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