[Rick & Morty Fan Club] The 'Rick & Morty' In 5 Gifs Challenge!

Hello, fellow Rick & Martians! It is time for yet another 'Rick & Morty' fan club card!

There's a whole lot of us in the club now - over 50 of us! - so I figured now would be an awesome time for us to do our very first card-making challenge!

How You Play:

1. Create a Vingle cardwith 'Rick & Morty in 5 Gifs' or something like it in the title.

2. Answer the following 5 questions with a gif that best answers the question.

3. Post it in the Funny community.

Alright, got it? Get it? Ready for the challenge?

I'll start!

Question #1: What was the first episode of 'R&M' you saw?


I watched the pilot on the Adult Swim website. Boring, I know.

Question #2: Who is your favorite 'R&M' character?


Mr. Bulldops. Uh, I mean, Rick. Yeah, Rick is my favorite.

Question #3: What's your favorite R&M episode?


Rick Potion #9 - if only for the part when Jessica does this creepy vole mating dance.

Question #4: Who is your favorite R&M alien?


Fart - if only because Jemaine Clement totally slayed at playing a sinister (albeit musically gifted) fart cloud.

Question #5: What other show (animated or not) would you recommend for R&M fans?


I used to be obsessed with a totally offensive but hilarious 'Sesame Street'-style TV show called 'Wonder Showzen'. I'd recommend it if you appreciate weird crap.

Now it's your turn! I look forward to seeing your cards!

Rick & Morty fan club roll call!!!!!!!!!

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