Question :3 (FanFic related)

Ok so I have fanfics on another site but would you guys like me to upload them on here chptr by chptr? My most popular one is titled Pick Me Up and it has to do with EXO. Another one I have is your typical KPOP Highschool FanFic which included BTS, EXO, BIGBANG, etc. titled Welcome To Kpop High (how original, I know xD) Comment if you want me to, I don't get much feedback (only reads) so it would be nice to know if I'm doing a good job. P.S. *smut warning* I'm also writing a smut titled 50 Shades of Bangtan, if anyone would like me to upload this one I will but I'll add a warning so no ones hot and bothered out of no where.

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