12 Days of Kpop Holidays Challenge Day 2

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December 15th: What music video(s) or kpop video(s) puts you in the biggest holiday spirit?

GOT7 "Confession Song"

Not only is this Christmas-y, but it's a super sweet idea and the video is very cute. Can you imagine your secret admirer confessing their affections for you with the help of your favorite band? How special is that? BOYS OF THE WORLD- PAY ATTENTION... THE WAY TO MY HEART IS THROUGH BIGBANG! Just saying...

BTOB- "The Winter's Tale"

This is just cute. Everything about it. I want to pinch the member's cheeks so bad right now. And the Winnie the Pooh and Disney character costumes... how do they come up with these things? Seriously?

Kanto Feat. As One "Before the Snow"

Oh, he's dreamy, isn't he?

Urban Zakapa "When Winter Comes"

This is just a beautiful song. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

BESTie Feat. You Sae Yoon "Zzang Christmas"

Because no one wants to be alone for the holidays. And, these girls are adorable.

EXO "Miracles in December"

I really didn't want to like this one, but I couldn't help it. EXO, you have melted the ice in my heart. Now I have the "feels"!

Ailee "My Grown Up Christmas List"

This is one of those classic feel good Christmas songs. Ailee does a beautiful cover.

SMTOWN "Santa U Are The One"

This is fun and upbeat and great for getting in the holiday mood. And, It's in English!

NSYNC "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.

Blast from the past! This isn't Kpop but it is essential to my holidays. It looks like the budget for the video was about $1000.

SNSD "All I Want For Christmas"

This is quintessential for Christmas. I cannot get through the holidays without listening to this song. It makes me oh so very happy!

That's my Kpop (mostly) Christmas music video list. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Side note: I've had a hard time getting into the holiday spirit this year. It's the first year I will be by myself. It's the first time I will be without any family. I'm newly single as well. So, the holidays have seemed a little lack-luster and less glittery for me this year. I haven't put up my tree or any decorations. I haven't started my christmas shopping (except for my cats). I hadn't listened to ANY Christmas music.... until today that is. This challenge forced me to actively seek out Christmas music and so I listened to Christmas music for hours before work today and after work as well. I have been in the holiday spirit ever since. I was singing Christmas songs at work and dancing around. I decided I'm putting my tree up this Thursday and I'm looking forward to buying some decorations. I'll be heading out to get my present shopping done tomorrow.

I'm very grateful to@byeolbit for creating this challenge because I'm now looking forward to Christmas and my own little, weird celebration. I've got the holiday spirit and I'm ready to paint the town and Vingle red and green!

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