10 Reasons to Watch Agent Carter NOW


Short version: Do as Peggy says.

Agent Carter is one of the most underrated tv shows of 2015, and you'll want to catch up before season two premieres in January.

1. The star is adorable

She's definitely a fan, just like the rest of us.


I'd do it for free to be honest.


2. It takes over where Captain America (the First Avenger) left off.

3. It's short! The first season is only 8 episodes. You can catch up quick!

4. There are car chases, brawls, and bada-- women in action.

5. The soundtrack. Listen to this to see what I mean:

6. The design team did an amazing job. Set, costumes, the works are all perfect!

7. You'll catch a glimpse of Black Widow's training program in episode 5.

8. This is what Peggy Carter has to say to sexists:


9. The writing is clever and quick and all the fun you'd expect from Marvel.

10. Because Hollywood doesn't think we care about female heroes and we need to prove them wrong.


This series is like one giant metaphor for the way women are treated in the media.

If the story was being told from their perspective, it would look like any other tv series: a boys' club.

Ready to check it out? And for those of you that have finished... how about a rewatch?

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