*Rough Draft* My BTS Fanfiction story๐Ÿ™Œ

So I thought this way easier than rewriting the whole 819 words of the first chapter of the story xD I'm still trying to figure out a proper title for the story, but as of now its "The Heirs." I know it's already been used, but it's only a temporary name Anyways how does it sound so far?@moonchild03@Sharong@BAbrajan1@TriciaWilliams@SarahVanDorn *BTW feel free to tag others who you might think would be interested in reading the story :)

I am Mexican-American. I speak Spanish, English, French and am currently learning Korean :) I LOVE K-pop!!!! :D I am very open to other cultures, mostly Asian cultures xD I am very approachable and am very friendly :3
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