Two Hetalia Christmas CMVs!

I really love cosplay music videos (as you're prooooobably noticing) and since my friend mentioned a special CMV that she's love to be able to put together with me someday, I thought about what Christmas ones seem possible.

And well, it seems like Hetalia cosplayers already got them pretty covered XD

"Last Christmas", APH Style!

*Currently smiling like an idiot during the whole video*

This one is soOOoOO well produced, you can tell that whoever did the planning & filming definitely know a little something about filmmaking, and made sure to showcase those bits. Really awesome!!!

The actual video description:

"Canada and America caught Mama England kissing Santa Claus, and they know that Papa France is not going to be happy when he finds THIS out."

LOL. I'll just let you watch XD

I hope I can do something like this someday soon!!

Am I a writer? Still deciding..
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