Pick Me Up (Cont 7/8)

The Call

My phone starts to ring and I turn the volume on the radio down low. Kaela starts to pout but I look at her and give her an expression that says really? She shuts up and I answer my phone. "Hello?" I pull the car over into a fast food restaurants parking lot. "Yes, it's Del-- Ahri." Kaela gives me a confused expression and I shrug her off. "Ok, That's by Toy's R Us right?" I then pull out of the parking lot, "Alright,  ser yah in a bit Jae." I hang up and start driving towards Toys R Us. "Where are we going?" Emily pokes me in the arm, "P.F. Chang's." She then asks me another question, "Why? Won't that place be closed at this time?" I sigh and say, "I don't know, we'll find out when we get there." I then proceed to turn the radio back on.           I pull into P.F. Chang's and then turn off the car. I look at Kaela who is fast asleep, I turn around and see Emily asleep as well. Might as well let them sleep, I get out of the car and quietly close the door. I lean against the car and look around. Where is he? Right then a car pulls into next to mine. The person inside rolls the window down and I see a women. "You're Ahri right?" I nod and put my finger to my lips to hint that my fellow passengers are asleep. She nods and motions me to get in the car. I do so and she rolls up the window. "Ok, so everything you need to know is in this envelop.  But, don't open it until you're on the plane." She proceeds to hand me the envelope. Geez, why is this so bulky? She also hands me three plane tickets, "You guys have your passports right?" I nod. "Ok, that's about it. You have a plane waiting for you at True Air Airports." I look at her with a confused expression,  "Right now?" She nods again and then shoo's me out of the car. I get out and close the door and she then proceeds to drive off. Well that was weird. I look at the envelope then get in the car. I hope I won't regret this. I pull out of the parking lot and start heading towards True Air. I wonder who she was, maybe one of Jae's assistants or maybe even EXO's? I shrug off the thought and turn on the radio.

True Air

We arrive at the airport and I turn the car off. I shake Kaela and she mumbles. I roll my eyes and grab my water bottle and pour some on her face. "WHAT THE HELL?" I laugh while she scrambles for something to dry herself off, "We're at the airport, come on." I grab the envelope and our plane tickets. I shake em and awakes immediately. Why can't Kaela be woken up as easily as Emily ? "Get your stuff we're here." I open the trunk and grab my Michigan bag. I open it and throw in the envelope. After Em and Kaela get their stuff I shut the trunk. "Are you guys ready?" I say and look at both of them. They both nod. We walk into the airport and head to our departure area. After arriving we proceed to get ready to go through the metal detectors. I put my belongings in a tray. I always freak out when I walk through, I don't know why, I just can't help it. I proceed to walk through with caution and then I get waved on. I sigh and collect my things. I wait for Kaela and Emily. They didn't have any problems either. Good, I don't know what I would do if we missed our flight... We head towards our gate and show the lady our tickets and passports and she tells us that we'll depart in about 15 minutes. Emily and Kaela race each other to the waiting area. I smile and then feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around and see Jae. "Hi." He does a small awkward wave. I cross my arms and don't give eye contact,"What was that about" He stays silent for a minute but then speaks up, "Oh, you mean Serena? Yah, sorry if she freaked you out." He laughs and rubs his kneck. "Well, she didn't." I punch his arm lightly and then say,"So this is really happening isn't it?" He nods and then perks up, "Oh!  I almost forgot! EXO doesn't know that we are giving them a pick me up, shall we say, but they do know that a new 3 person girl band is going to do a collab with them." He awkwardly laughs. I punch him a little harder this time and give him a glare. "WHAT WAS THAT FOR?" He rubs his arm. "What do you mean a new girl band? YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW IF WE CAN SING AND OR DANCE." He sighs, "Well, I didn't but I know you guy's can do it! " He gives me a thumbs up before running off. What have I gotten us into? I walk towards Kaela and Emily, "Have I got a surprise for you!" I say with a forced smile and enthusiasm. (Since each chaptr is short I'm going to keep doing 2 on 1 card so yah :3)

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