Seven Deadly Sins (Cont. 6) MOVED TO WATTPAD

7 Seconds in Hell

*warning frickety frack* "Why did you kiss Suga earlier?" I recognized the upset voice was Jimins. I mumbled iunder his hand, he then took it off, "Sorry," he said quietly. I shook my head lightly, "If you were watching, he kissed men, not the other way around. Why don't you go take it up with him?" I then turned and tried to feel the wall for the light but instead I felt something warm, it was his chest. Why is he shi--- oh no. I stepped to the side quietly trying to maneuver around in the dark room, I then felt a hand on my wrist, "Come on, let's have some fun," He said playfully. I shook my head, even though he couldn't see me, "Not tonight, I'm tired and physically exhausted from yesterday." I felt his grip loosen, "Yesterday? We didn't do anything." My eyes grew wide, oops... "I snuck out to practice dancing, I couldn't sleep." "Don't lie to me," he said quietly with a hint of anger. "What do you mean? Thats t---" I then was cut off by being slammed on the bed and him sitting ontop of me, "I'll show you what happens when you lie to your oppa," he then pinned my arms down. To be honest, I was kind of turned on but mostly surprised of his out of the blue confidence. He started to kiss my neck slowly, make his way down to my collar bone. He then suddenly stopped, "You know what," he stood upleaving me confused. I the sat up on my elbows and sighed, "What?" "Lets make this more fun. Let's make a bet," He said quietly. I raised an eyebrow, "a bet?" He chuckled, "Yes, Tomorrow is monday- that me and we have a whole week." I cautiously asked, "What do you mean by "We have a whole week"?" He then climbed back ontop of me, "By the end of this week, you'll be begging me to..." I could feel his warm breath on my lips but he suddenly pulled away, "and if you aren't then I'll do whatever you want me to do for a month." I sat all the way up, "anything?" I listened as he went to the light switch and the lights flickered on, "Anything," he then winked. "Get ready for a whole week of hell," He then smirked and left my room. I leaned back on my bed and sighed, "Now I can't sleep." I got up from bed and walked downstairs, I'm 5'2" so I don't make that much noise when walking on hard flooring. I then heard giggling and someone shushing, I raised my eyebrow, is someone else here? I followed the giggling to a room in the back of the house. I pressed my ear up against the door; "What if the other members hear us?" A girl with a light voice said. "Well if they do, they'll be jealous," why does his voice sound familiar? Stupid door. "Hold on one second," She replied. I turned around to see V standing there with tired eyes, my heart stopped, "Oh my heavens, you scared me!" I said quietly. He then hushed me and grabbed me by the waist and put a hand over my mouth and pulled me into a closet, he closed the door quickly but quietly. "Oh, sorry Suga Bear, I thought I heard something in the hallway," the voice came from the other side of the door. Suga? I felt a small pain in my chest but I shrugged it off. V sighed and quietly said, "That's Anias. Let's just say shes a regular..." "A regular?" I ask, not wanting to know the answer. "We're not allowed back here during certain days and certain nights, I'm surprised you haven't found that out. Now you know why he sleeps all the time." I looked down, "Nope, this is all new to me." All of a sudden the closet door flung open and infront of us stood Suga with wide eyes. He looked at me but I looked down, V noticed this and pulled me closer, "Mind if we have a little privacy Yoongi?" He then took my hand and pulled me into the hallway. I turned around to see a sad blonde who just turned around and walked back to the room. I looked down again but this time I quickly shrugged it off. I then abruptly stopped and pulled V into the nearest room and I pushed him against and climbed on top of him, "Is this private enough?" ( Sorry if its short ;-; )

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