look - '보다' 관련 단어 단어익히기


영영)to turn your eyes towards something, so that you can see it

영한)보다(특정한 방향의 무언가를 보는것)

예문)Look at this. (이거 좀 봐)

1. 잠깐보기

glance, glimpse


영영)to look quickly and deliberately

and a glance is the act of quickly looking at someone or something

영한)흘낏[휙] 보다, 훔쳐보다

예문)She glanced at her watch. (그녀가 시계를 흘낏 보았다.)

He glanced around the room. (그는 방을 휙 둘러보았다.)


영영)to see something or someone by chance for a very short time

and a glimpse is a sight that you see by chance for a very short time

영한)잠깐[언뜻] 보다(우연히)

예문)He'd glimpsed her through the window as he passed. (그는 지나가면서 창문을 통해 그녀를 언뜻 보았었다.)

2. 오래보기

stare, gaze, peer, glare


영영)to look at something or someone for a long time without moving your eyes, for example because you are surprised, angry, or bored

영한)빤히 쳐다보다, 응시하다(놀라거나, 지루한상태)

예문)I screamed and everyone stared. (내가 비명을 지르자 모든 사람들이 빤히 쳐다보았다.)

He sat staring into space. (그는 허공을 응시하며 앉아 있었다.)


영영)to look at someone or something for a long time, giving it all your attention, often without realizing you are doing so

영한)(비교적 격식)(가만히) 응시하다[바라보다]

예문)She gazed at him in amazement. (그녀가 놀라서 그를 가만히 응시했다.)


영영)to look very carefully at something, especially because you are having difficulty seeing it

영한)자세히 들여다보다, 응시하다, 주의해서 보다(잘 보이지 않는 상태에서 보는 것)

예문)He peered into the darkness.(그는 어둠속을 자세히 들여다 봤다)


영영)to look angrily at someone for a long time


예문)He didn't shout, he just glared at me silently. (그는 고함을 지르지 않고 그저 말없이 나를 노려보기만 했다.)

출처: 네이버사전, Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

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