Cranberry Smash - Cocktail

Get into the holiday spirit with this riff on an old smash classic. David Kwiatkowski, of The Sugar House, in Detroit, created this seasonal must-have with the addition of rosemary, which brings a savory note to this cheery cocktail.

Cranberry Smash

2 oz. cranberry-infused gin (see below)

1 barspoon Demerara sugar

¼ of a fresh lemon, diced

1 sprig fresh rosemary

5-6 fresh cranberries





Combine the rosemary, cranberries, sugar and diced lemon in a shaker and muddle. Add the gin and shake hard with ice cubes. Strain over one large ice cube into a rocks glass and garnish.

Cranberry-Infused Gin:

If there are some Vinglers in the LA area, that want to meet for holiday cocktails, LET ME KNOW!@Rodiziketan, you are most welcome too, though you're about a million miles away... :( :( :(

This recipe comes from one of my favorite cocktail sites online, Imbibe.

Photo: Lara Ferroni

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