🏫 School Of EXO: Chapter 3

~DO Kyungsoo has just been transferred to this new school for the extremely talented. Its where the best singers, dancers, and rappers come to further their skills. But like any school it has its share of bullies, drama, and romance... Can DO survive in the School Of EXO?

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D.O and Baekhyun turned their attention away from the mysterious guy and looked towards the stage. It was finally time to meet their classmates.

"We will announce in this oldest to youngest. When I call your name stand up so we can get acquainted with everyone." Everyone in the room nods in understanding as the speak announces the first name.

"Kim Minseok." A short guy with a chubby face rose from his seat. He smiled and bowed to the speaker and the crowd and sat back down. D.O thought he looked pretty nice.

"Lu Han." The next guy had the face of a five year old. He almost made D.O want to go and pinch his cheeks. D.O immediately dismissed the thought.

"Wu Yifan." D.O couldn't take his eyes off the guy that stood up next. Describing him as beautiful would be an understatement. D.O could feel the confidence radiating from him as he bowed to the crowd with a straight face. D.O felt uneasy to say the least.

"Kim Junmyeon." D.O was glad to move on. This guy seemed to look a bit nicer as he smiled warmly to the whole crowd.

"Zhang Yixing." A guy with the cutest smile D.O has ever seen stood up with his hand raised. "I'm here!!" He then blushed when the room went silent and bowed quickly and sat back down. Baekhyun covered his mouth so he wouldn't laugh. D.O punched him in the arm.

"Byun Baekhyun." Baekhyun shot up and waved to everyone. He bowed to the speaker and gave an exaggerated smile before sitting down. D.O shook his head in embarrassment. "What? What I do?" Baekhyun whispered.

"Kim Jongdae." D.O didn't realize how older everyone else was. He thought for sure he would've been called by now. He spotted the guy and immediately saw how shy he was. The boy flashed a smile and quickly bowed and sat down. D.O was just glad he wasn't the only one nervous.

"Park Chanyeol." It didn't take long for D.O to spot the huge guy who was near his table. The guy was taller than anything he had ever seen. He had a goofy smile on his face and bowed to the crowd. D.O couldn't take his eyes of him. The giant's eyes met his and D.O could've sworn they sparkled. He looked away.

Baekhyun poked him. "Wow do you see the size of those ears?" he chuckled. For some reason D.O just felt a surge of anger toward his friend.

"What's wrong with his ears? I think they look nice on him." D.O hissed. His comment only made Baekhyun laugh even more.

"D.O Kyungsoo." D.O hearing his name took a breath and stood. He looked around the whole room taking in the other classmates. He bowed to the speaker and smiled to the crowd. He scanned the crowd stopping when he made eye contact again with the tall guy. He seemed to have a sly smile which was way different from the cute smile he had showed just a while ago. D.O sat down still feeling the guy's stare.

"Huang Zitao." A extremely well dressed guy stood up next and bowed to the crowd with a straight face. He reminded D.O of the other guy as he got an uneasy feeling from him too.

D.O tried to shake the feeling as he focused on the other members. There were only two students left and one had to be that mysterious guy that left him speechless. But where was he?

"Kim Jongin." D.O instantly felt the room go warmer as the next student rose. Baekhyun whispered to D.O, "That's him!!" D.O wasn't even paying attention to his friend as he stared at the gorgeous guy. He flashed a one million dollar smile and bowed to the crowd. D.O could literally feel himself melting.

"And finally the maknae of our school, Oh Sehun." For a moment D.O had even forgotten that there was still a student left. A guy with amazing hair stands up from a table in the center. His faces forms a smile as he bows to the crowd.

"He's cute. Don't you think?" Baekhyun whispered to D.O. Reluctantly D.O nodded. Everyone seemed flawless to look at. It was kind if intimidating and D.O felt alone.

Baekhyun nudged D.O. "Aiish he's nothing compared to you though." He smiled winking at D.O.

D.O smiled at his friend. Well maybe he didn't feel entirely alone. "Yah...stop being so nice.."

Baekhyun laughed. "So what do you think of our new classmates? Did anyone stand out?" Baekhyun leaned in closer.

D.O remembered that Chanyeol guy smiling at him. Then the thought of the mysterious guy, Kai, entered his mind. He shook his head trying to clear his head. "I think this will be an interesting school year." He finally replied.

The speaker's voices booms throughout the room. "I wish you all luck throughout the school year. Good luck to you all. Classes start tomorrow. You will find out your room and roommate tomorrow. Good night everyone."



"My name's D.O Kyungsoo. I'm here to find out my room." D.O stood at the desk with all his luggage. It was early the next morning and he hadn't gotten no sleep at all. He was just too nervous. Not to mention the fact that his mother stuck to him like glue until he threatened to never call again if she didn't let him leave.

"Oh I see you. You're in room 284. Here's your key. You're roommate has already arrived." The secretary handed him a key and D.O thanked her with a tired smile.

As D.O walked to his room, he wondered who his roommate could be. He would be content if it was Baekhyun. He didn't like the idea of that Kris guy or Tao. D.O stopped when he thought of the idea of sharing a room with that tall guy, Chanyeol. But then again how would sharing a room with Kai be like? He hurriedly rushed to his room in anticipation.

He found his dorm building and went inside. D.O laid his luggage down to take a breath. He didn't realize how much stuff he actually had. He heard the dorm building's door again and turned to see who it was. That new uneasy feeling returned to D.O as he saw Kris with a smirk on his face heading to D.O.

D.O gulped as he got closer. He hated to admit but the guy still managed to look good even at this early hour. And the guy seemed to know it. You could tell he was bursting with confidence which D.O admired and feared.

"You're that D.O kid aren't you?" he said in fluent Mandarin. D.O just stare at him not saying anything. He had no idea what the guy was saying.

Kris seemed to notice his trouble and chuckled. "Ahhh I see. You're not that good yet." He switched to Korean. "Sorry about that. I was talking in Mandarin. You're that D.O kid aren't you?"

D.O nodded not speaking. His feeling of uneasiness grew every second he was with this guy. He just wanted to go to his room and prepare for the school day.

Kris scowled. "Yah!! Who taught you manners huh? Can't you speak? Or is that too much for you?" D.O cursed himself for flinching at the guy's words.

D.O looked down in defeat. He just really wanted to get out of here.

"Aiish...Isn't it a little early for you to be making enemies?" A deep voice came from behind D.O that made him shudder. D.O turned around only to have to look up at the tall figure behind him.

"Chanyeol?" D.O's heart fluttered at the sight of the him.

Kris smirked and looked from Chanyeol back to D.O. "Its only the first day and you're already being protected." He laugh was cold. "That's too good."

D.O opened his mouth to protest but Chanyeol pulled him back behind him. "Just leave him alone alright?" D.O didn't think the voice could get any deeper.

Kris smiled and held up his hands. "Alright, alright. I'll back off the squirt for now." He winked at them. "Let's be friends huh?" With that he walked past them further into the dorm.

D.O let out the breath he was holding. How could he be so weak?? This was nothing like him. He sighed.

Chanyeol turned his attention to the shorter male. "Yah are you okay? He didn't bother you too much did he?"

D.O turned to get his luggage as he tried to hide his blushing face. "Yeah...I'm fine. Thanks for standing up for me." He turned to Chanyeol again and smiled. "Well I should probably be getting to my room." D.O said as he started to gather his luggage.

Chanyeol watched as D.O struggled with all the cargo and smiled at the boy's cuteness. He walked up to him and tapped him on the shoulder. D.O looked at him with a curious look.

Chanyeol took D.O's bags from him. "Don't worry I'll carry them for you. Just lead the way to your room."

D.O couldn't believe this guy. Why was he just helping him like this? D.O had never been treated like this and it was new to him. It felt...nice. "Okay. Are you sure its not too heavy?" Chanyeol just shook his head. D.O looked at the guy's biceps which seem to be really toned. I guess not.... D.O thought to himself.

When they finally arrived to D.O's door Chanyeol had barely broke into a sweat. D.O was amazed at the goofball's strength. "Well this is it." D.O used his key and unlocked the door.

The room was beautiful. There were two beds, each on opposite sides of the room, a mini-fridge, two study desks, and even a flat screen TV!

"Wow...." D.O whispered as he scoped the room out.

"Its nice right?" D.O turned only to see Chanyeol on the opposite bed. "Don't you think roomie?"


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