"Jimin" you said as you I woke up "Y/N what do you want?"he replied "Are you coming back to bed" you asked sleepily "Y/N,you know I would but I have work. My manager is gonna get mad if I'm late again. Bye Y/N,love you"As jimin said this he was already in his way out "But jimin-"as you were speaking the door shuts and your by yourself as usual. You decide that you should make the best of this and learn some of Bangtan's dances. You picked danger cause of jimin's beautiful vocals and the way he dances to it. *later that night* "Y/N I'm home."jimin said tiredly It was 2:30 am and you fell asleep on the couch waiting for jimin. "Y/N...yah Y/N wake up." Noticing you were dead asleep,as tired as he was, he lifted you from the couch and took you to the room. "Hmm...jimin? Jimin is you?" "No,Y/N it's a stranger that happens to have the key to the apartment" As you opened your eyes you see jimin smiling at you. "Did you eat yet oppa" "No Y/N But it's okay. Go to sleep I'll find something to eat" Jimin said as he yawned. "Baabbeee," you said "just sleep. I'll go cook." Y/N it's fine. I've got this."Jimin said "Lair" you said as you left *jimin grabs your hand as you leave* Y/ know I love you right?" "Of course I know jimin. I love you too" *the next morning* You awaken to expected empty bed sheets but are surprised at the sight of jimin staring at you. "Yah Park Jimin,why aren't you at work" you asked. You knew how his manager hates when any BTS members are late. "Relax Y/N. I asked for the day off and besides jungkook is sick and jin is busying nursing him. "Y/N...I love you. Babe I love you. Baaabbbee!" Jimin said cutely "Jimin, dont you dare using aegyo on me this early in the morning. " you were hiding your face from blushing too much "Or what Y/N hmmm???" You turn to see him biting his lips and before you can react jimin kisses you and you kiss him back. "Yah jimin. You need to stop raping my mouth" you say as you break away from the kiss. "Y/N-it's cause I love you." As jimin tries to lean in again you push him and jump out of bed with a pillow. "Yah Y/N...your gonna get it. Watch" jimin says You hit him with the pillow and end up have a pillow fight for the whole morning. "I wish everyday was like this" "Me too but as long as you have me then your day is already complete" jimin says with his aegyo "Ewwww babe your cheesy" you say laughing "I'm trying to be cute babe" jimin said pouting "Haha okay babe haha okay babe I'm done now I swear" you say which adds to your laughter. "Babe your mean" jimin says pouting "Sorry babe" *kisses jimin* "Okay" jimin says as he pulls you in for another kiss. *few weeks later* *you and jimin are in fight cause he saw you "flirting" with Got7's Jackson* "Jimin your overreacting" you say "Y/N how is this overreacting when I saw it in my own eyes!" Jimin says back coldly "Yah Park Jimin!" You say " I have never said anything about your dating rumors or anything that involves you with another girl but why are you saying this to me this one time!" You say back angrily "That's because they were rumors and it wasn't true to begin with" Jimin says "Exactly. It's not true to begin with Jimin so stop acting like a jerk" you say "I'm a jerk! I'm the jerk you say? Was I jerk when you were hurt in a car accident and i was the only one taking care of you!?How about when you almost got in a fight and i let them hit me instead? Or when your dad passed away and no one was here for you? I don't remember anyone caring for you while you mom was in the States. Why?!cause I was the only one who cares for you. No one else does!" Jimin shouts back "Is that how you feel?" Your eyes starting to tear but you fight the tears." If it is then let's break up. I don't want someone like you to care for me and then just say that to me" "Y/N......I didn't mean that. I'm sorry. Y/N I'm sorry. Let's forget this happened. "Jimin I mean it. Let's say goodbye cause you never trust me so let's forget whatever this was." You said with tears threatening to come "Y/N..whatever this was is a relationship. "OUR relationship." Jimin says matter-of-factly "Why does it not feel like one then? Why am I the only one that actually tries?!" Tears forming in your eyes "Y/N don't cry I'm sorry" Jimin says as he tries to hug you "Let me go jimin. I'm sorry but I can't do this anymore" you start walking out but jimin hugs you from the back. "Y/N I'm sorry don't leave me please. I can't let you be happy with someone else. Please stay" jimin says with his own tears "I'm sorry jimin." You walk out And jimin follows "Y/N please!!" Jimin sits and sobs as you walk away...never planning to turn back "And cut! That was great jimin and Y/N" the director says. "Babe you did great. Don't ever break up with me like that though okay?" Jimin says sadly "Jimin why would I break up with you? Your too cute" you say as you pinch his cheeks "Ahem Mr. and Mrs. Park we have the scene where you guys make up. Are you ready?" The director says "Of course we're ready "you say Jimin thinks for a moment and replies "Umm can you give us a minute" The director kiss and leaves. You give jimin a questioning look and he answers you with a long lingering kiss. " Now I'm ready. Let's go Y/N" Jimin says smiling

BTS,Big Bang,iKon and Got7 are the mains. Lets be friends..? I'll fangirl with you lol
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