Watch The Performances That Made Jordan Smith The Voice Winner

1. "Climb Every Mountain"

2. "Somebody to Love"

3. "Who You Are"

4. "Without You" (feat. Usher)

5. "Mary, Did You Know"

6. "Hallelujah"

7. "God Only Knows" (feat. Adam Levine)

Jordan Smith is officially the 2015 winner of The Voice! It's really no surprise at all. The Season 9 finale went down on Thursday night where the 22-year-old stole the show as usual. Smith has been a fan favorite and the judge's star pupil the entire competition. Adam Levine was Smith's coach during the competition and Levine was beyond thrilled that Smith won. Smith will continue on with a signed contract with Republic Records where he will make or break his future singing career. By the sound of his vocals, Smith is going to be singing on the radio within weeks. And for Levine, he's just excited he can begin bragging to his bromantic pal and fellow judge, Blake Shelton.

Congratulations Jordan Smith, so well deserved!

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