Deck the Halls with Anime Day 4: Favorite anime scene in winter.

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Alright everyone we can get started now! Haha so to all of you law breakers and Toradora fans out there, my favorite winter scene(s) in this show are when they were skiing on the mountain and Ryuuji had to go save Taiga from the blizzard. That scene, especially with what Taiga accidentally said to him, just made me so happy during the show. The next scene that made me all warm and fuzzy was the one where Taiga pushed Ryuuji off the bridge (lol) and then he asked her to marry him. These two scenes, where their relationship finally took hold, made me so happy while I was watching. I felt bad for Ami and Kushieda of course, but I really enjoyed those two scenes.

This show in general just makes me so happy and warm and fuzzy and all things good inside haha.

I can't even begin to explain what this scene did to my feels. I was soooo happy and the way he did it was so cute. Taiga's reaction to it was really adorable as well lol. So, in the comments down below, can everyone tell me what their favorite winter scene was? Happy Holidays!!

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