The King 2 Hearts Ep 20 - LIVE recap + screenshots - Part 5

---------------------------------------------------------- John Mayer is finally arrested and he is jailed for life! (I'm not satisfied at all with this!! The writers made the former King and Si Kyung died so tragically but John Mayer is only imprisonned??WTF). He made a visit to the jail, and said, "Thank you for making me stronger." The scene jumped out to "4 years later" and everything seems goes well. Meanwhile, Jae Shin now changed her hairstyle, she is doing well..but she still can't walk >< I'm sad, but looking at her personality, she is stronger than she was before. She imagines about Si Kyung being with her. She said, "I will go for a blind date today, are you angry?" Si Kyung said, "Meet the guy. I'm not angry." Awwwww ---------------------------------------------------------- 
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