My Best of 2015: Part 2

So part 1 was for the month of January and here comes part 2 with all my top February songs.


그냥 (Just)

Coming straight outta the VVD crew we know and love is the ever so lovable, so soulful duet of Zion.T and Crush. Can I get an Amen! here. This song was simply amazing and oh so soothing to the ears of the broken hearted.


완벽해요 (Perfect)

This song brought new life to me in February. I call Just by Zion.T and Crush my life for February but I guess I must have been reborn for this song as well because this song was absolutely life as well. I couldn't picture the world without this soft soothing voice after hearing it. And can we just take a moment to appreciate how well MYK slays at this song. And how beautiful Park Shin Hye sounds singing in her soft airy voice that just adds to the beautiful guitar played by MYK. Perfect is what this song is.


Angel 2 Me

Now this is the song that you cuddle up in bed with. The combination of the soothing voices with McKay and Jeff Bernat is totally to the type of song I would love to listen to while drinking a cup of hot chocolate since I don't do coffee and staring out the window just enjoying my moment.

I have also included the international version for everyone's pleasure.


치키차카초코초 (ChigiChagaChogoCho)

This is song is fire. I just love this song so much.


S대는 갔을텐데 Mastering


인터스텔라 (Interstellar)



Lets. Get. TURNT UP!!!!!!!

Lol but for though, this song is live. It's real live. And it totally got me hype just listening to the beat. And how can we not give honorable mention to my cool boo Mad Clown.


히읗 (Hieut)



Remember how I was talking about old skool jammin with 1Punch, well 러버스울 (Rubber Soul) kept up the flow in February and me this.


Yes I Do

I will be honest I never really payed attention to them even though I knew about them since last year but this song definitely caught my attention.


하루만이라도 (Just For One Day)


Words I Want To Tell You All Night


Wake Up

# 14

미쳐 (Crazy)


사랑은 미친짓 (Love Is Madness)


비율 A+ (Beautiful)

# 17

A Little Lovin

So what did you listen to the most of in February?

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