Erza Scarlet


All the characters of fairy tail have some sort of tragic or sad back story, but Erza's is perhaps one of the most tragic. Having survived the tower of heaven and becoming one of the strongest members of fairy tail, she overcame her past. Erza is a character I look up to because in the toughest situations she never backs down.


One of the things I love about Erza is that she is one of the most bad ass characters in fairy tail, and then she goes and does something completely adorable. She loves cake and all sorts of sweets and will even go so far as to fight for them. She also loves dressing up. There are various occasions where you see her cosplay for no reason at all. Erza has no doubt captured many hearts with that adorable sparkle in her eyes.

Well to tell you a little bit about myself, I am twenty-one, but most people tell me I look twelve. I have a thing for cat ears, no I am not a furry, but I think that cat ears are adorable.
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