10 Avengers Holiday Headcanons


I hope this brings a little brightness to your holiday Marvelers!

1. Tony throws a big party every year, and gives everyone antlers and Santa hats.

2. Because he's a good sport, Steve wears the antlers.

3. Bruce cooks french toast and pancakes for everyone in the morning.

4. And yes, evil takes a vacation on Christmas. Most years.

5. Natasha didn't celebrate as a kid, but she's got a soft spot for sochivo.

6. Sam and Rhodey get drunk and sing christmas carols every year.

7. Even though the holiday confuses him, Thor does his best and usually end up bringing a large tree.

8. Clint has a bunch of weird traditions he "picked up from the Carnies" he grew up with (he made most of them up).

9. Pepper proposes to Tony one Christmas eve, and it takes him until Christmas day to get over his shock and say yes.

10. Jane and Darcy give the best gifts (it's mostly Darcy, but it's the thought that counts).


Let me know what you're doing for Christmas Marvelers!

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