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ME SELFIE I was reading everyone else's cards and realized that I hadnt understood as much about what to include here. I used to be a very bright person who didnt struggle with comprehension etc until my MVA in 2008 which left me with brain injury. So I decided to edit my card so I could include more. My name is Sharon. I am 42yrs old and a single mom. One of my sons died, so now I have 3 kids but my youngest 5yr old lives with me. It is through the mothering experience, that I have been able to recover as much as I have. I choose to look at the good things and not complain because it doesnt do anything good to be stressing or negative.

2. Ben Affleck is my fiction babe. Besides his good looks, he has played the good guy as a partner.....that I remember. Keep in mind that my memory is flawed along with other areas because of my condition but it makes me forget quicker and forgive easier lol. 3. Therefore, having admitted that; I am currently single but satisfied & happy. I have my delightful 5yr old daughter and 2 other older kids that no longer live at home.

4. Most romantic thing was being told to go to the bathroom and see a candlelit bath ready. He looked after the kids while I relaxed in the tub. On another occasion, I received a delivery at work from a flower shop, of a dozen roses. I also was surprised with my favorite chocolate bar & a note from a different relationship.

5. What I look for in a man is mostly a creative DIY side with a sense of humor, wit, being clever & an interest in learning about different things. This way, we have ways to do things for the home, ourselves, others & eachother. It allows us to be mentally stimulated in a practical & creative way.

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I apologize for not understanding how Vingle works so I dont think I had links as needed. I am correcting this. Recovering from severe brain injury and optimistic about progress and accomplishments despite mental and physical limits. Acquiring and learning new skills constantly, since my memory has been altered as well as my life skills. I strongly believe in karma which I feel is like the 'law of attraction' which results are based on whatever we do, say or however we think and feel.
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